Water Safety at Goldfish Swim School
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Introduction to Water Safety at Goldfish Swim School

This month I enrolled both the boys at Goldfish Swim School. After our trip to Florida, I realized how uncomfortable the boys were around large bodies of water, and being a Floridian I know how important teaching water safety at a young age is. So off to Goldfish we went.


Goldfish Swim School Dublin

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One of the things I love most about Goldfish Swim School is that their classes are very small and cater both to your child’s age and skill level.  Since my husband works most evenings when we have lessons I was nervous about how I’d be able to get both the boy into the pool at the same time since they are only two and three. Goldfish quickly eased all my worries as I found out Mikey would be in a class with two instructors and only about four kids and Tucker is in the pool with me.

Tucker Goldfish Swim SchoolNew Swimmers Goldfish Swim School

When we arrived for our first lessons the boys were so excited to see the Welcome Board for new swimmers with their names written on it.  We got a quick tour of the building, got our awesome bags full of goodies, including the adorable Goldfish shirts and our key cards we use each week to check in and find out which lane we are in.  The boys were so excited to start so as soon as it was our turn we headed straight to the pool.

Mikey is in their Junior 1 class, it is for 3-4 year olds and teaches all the basic skills for water safety and swimming.  This includes: happily participating in at least 3 lessons, breath control in the underwater dip, the back float, superman glide, climb out and much more. I wasn’t sure how he was going to take getting into the pool without any kind of floatation devices, but as usual, he surprised me and happily jumped in, saying hello to his teachers and bye bye to his Mommy without a second thought. When I picked him up after class his teachers showed me what they worked on that day and he was thrilled to show off his new skills.

Tucker is still only two so he was in a class with me in the pool with him called GSS Mini 2 for 16-35 month olds. Tucker looks forward to this class every week and loves participating in the fun songs they sing and getting some one on one time with me I’m sure.  Some of the goals for this class include; comfort in the water and a class setting, successfully conditioned with water in face and breath control in underwater dip, wall hold, and relaxed back float (this seems to be Tucker’s favorite, especially since they give the children mirrors to look at themselves in).

Goldfish Swim School provides such a fun, comfortable environment for kids to learn about water safety and how to swim.  Learning how to swim at a young age reduces the chances of children developing fears and boosts their confidence as well, this is often a life-saving skill in itself. For more information on Goldfish Swim School and enrolling your children in swim lessons please visit their site here.


5 Water Survival Skills Every Child Should Learn

  1.  Step or jump into water over their head and return safely to the wall.

  2. Float on their back or tread water for at least one minute

  3. Turn around in a full circle to find an exit

  4. Swim at least 25 yards to exit the water

  5. Exit the water. (If in a pool the child should be able to do this without using the ladder.)

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