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Chopping Down Our Christmas Tree at Cackler Farm

We continued our new tradition of chopping down our own Christmas tree again this year and I must say it was a million times better than last year.  We chose Cackler Family Farms to buy our tree this year since it was within an hour ride from our house and was a big enough farm to have a 7-8 foot tree like we wanted.  With both the boys walking this year and cold but dry weather we had a great time.


The boys were both excited to be pulled through the tree farm and I was excited Kevin was there to do the pulling.

Mike and Tuck had a blast running around checking out all the trees and with the help of the handy map that was given to us it didn’t take long at all to find our perfect tree.

We chose a Canaan Fir this year and Kevin went to work chopping it down.  The boys made sure to stay close to admire his handy work.


After we managed to get the tree, saw, sled and both boys back to the front of the farm Kevin took the tree to get the complimentary shake and tied to the car and I got to hang out with the boys in their kids zone. On the way to the kids zone Tucker stopped to say hello to a donkey. You can check out the video here,  Cackler Farm Donkey and Tucker

The area is enclosed which was a relief because the wind was really cold that day. There is a giant wreath that I wasn’t successful catching the boys photo behind, as well as a huge corn box with trucks. Once Tucker was in it was hard to get him back out . Mikey was so proud to be able to climb up the hay stacks and slide down the slide by himself. I was grateful to have this area to contain the boys and play while Kevin handled all the business with the tree and getting it on the car. We were a little nervous driving it the 40 minutes down the highway but Mikey wasn’t concerned at all.img_8503-copy

Needless to say the day was an overall success and the tree is beautiful, and with a little bribing I managed to get a decent picture of the boys in front of it.img_8510

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