30 Day Yoga Pose Challenge

Day 12 Yoga Pose Challenge

It’s been a hectic Friday around here. Not only is this Memorial Weekend but it is also my husband’s 31 birthday on Monday and our 6 year wedding anniversary on Sunday. I wanted to make sure I got all my errands done today so I could thoroughly enjoy the weekend.

But anyway, back to Day 12 of the challenge. Today’s pose is one of my favorites and I find myself in it multiple times of the day, especially when I am on the floor playing with my kids.

The pose is Child’s Pose and it’s a true resting pose and one I find to be completely relaxing.


  • It’s extremely calming for your mind.
  • It elongates your lower back.
  • It’s helps with digestion.
  • It opens up your hips.
  • It’s an excellent reminder that rest is a good thing and needed to live a balanced life.

For more information including how to do Child’s Pose check out YogaJournal.com

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