30 Day Yoga Pose Challenge

Day 22 Yoga Pose Challenge 

Monday….we meet again.

I never really was a fan Monday mornings, but being woken up by my 3 year old screaming “Mommy” before 6 AM certainly wasn’t the way I wanted to start this week off.

It was a rainy, dreary Monday so I was stuck inside with the nuggets all day. Nevertheless, I persisted and made time for Day 22 of the challenge.

Today’s pose is actually exactly what I needed today. Supported Headstand is a pose I swear by, as it helped me relieve stress and my PPD when my second son was born.


  • Calms the brain.
  • Can help relieve stress and some depression.
  • Strengthens the lungs.
  • Tones your abs.
  • Strengthens arms, legs and spine.
  • Helps relieve menstural pain.

Please excuse my shocked expression…I wasn’t expecting the company.

For more information on Supported Headstand visit YogaJournal.com.

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