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Mikey P Turns 3!

I cannot believe I have a 3 year old. In two more weeks I will be 31 and less than one month from there Tucker will be 2!  My oh my how time flies.  I remember when Tucker was first born and I just kept telling myself once I got Mikey walking everything would be easier, and once they were two and 3 it would be the most fun all of the years.

Funny how parenting is so much easier before reality sinks in and you realize there is no easier part to parenting. Every single year brings new joys and new challenges, and although some things are getting much easier now that both boys are in the toddler years and capable of doing some things for themselves, now we have all new challenges like sibling rivalry and trying to keep two toddlers safely contained in a parking lot whenever I leave the house alone with both of them.

But anyways, back to Mikey’s birthday.  This year he insisted on a garbage truck cake, so us being the devout parents that we are did our best to make that happen.

For his actual birthday we spent the day exploring the new Outlet Mall. Mikey got an awesome Columbia jacket and some new kicks.

Finally it was time to eat cake! Check out this video to see how many times it took Mikey to blow out his birthday candle. Needless to say it certainly didn’t stop him from enjoying every bite.

His favorite gift this year was a new garbage truck from his Uncle Cody and Aunt Laura.

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