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Our 3 favorite parks in Grove City

June marked two years of us living in Grove City, Ohio. During our time here I have made it my mission to check out as many parks as we could around Columbus. Below is a list of our top 3 favorite parks in Grove City.

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  1. Gantz Park
    2255 Home Road

Our go-to park and all time favorite is Gantz Park. This community park is conveniently located within 5-10 minutes of our house and has so much to offer!

The giant barn makes the park easy to spot from the road and the large pavilion offers plenty of shade and tables for seating. We often eat our lunch here before heading to the playground.

The playground offers two different main play areas with plenty of slides to choose from, as well as swings and a small climbing structure.

Gantz Park

We typically only spend about 10-15 minutes at the playground before the boys are ready to go explore the rest of the park.  The grounds are absolutely beautiful any time of year, but the gardens are especially gorgeous in the spring. My boys love looking and smelling all the herbs and flowers, and of course chasing each other around the labyrinth.

Always time to stop and smell the flowers.

They recently added a Little Free Library  next to a bench where you can sit and read. We plan on bringing some books to donate soon. It’s such a wonderful way to share our love of books and reading.

There’s a stream that runs right through the middle of the park that you can play in during the warmer months.

The bridge that crosses the stream in the middle of the park is the highlight of all of our trips.

Mikey and Tucker love collecting leaves or small sticks to throw into the water. I usually spend most of my time holding my breath and hoping neither of them falls in.  There’s also a variety of walking paths to chose from which keeps things interesting.

Last but not least the park also has the biggest slide we’ve found yet, which in my boys’ book makes this the best park of them all.

2. Henceroth Park
2075 Mallow Lane

Henceroth Park is tucked in a nice little neighborhood, across the street from a school.  It’s located on 22-acres of land and the playground is set a nice safe distance from the road. Considering my 2-year-old is a runner, this is exactly what I look for in a park since both my boys are running pretty fast these days.


Henceroth is actually one of the first parks we visited because I heard it was so toddler-friendly. It certainly didn’t disappoint. There are so many things to climb on like a train, a jeep and a pirate ship with a slide! I love how creative this playground is and how it inspires imaginative play.


3. Westgrove Park
3580 Magnolia Lane

I’m pretty sure we would never have discovered this park if it weren’t for Mikey having his first soccer practices here.  I had to look the park up on Facebook just to find a correct address, but I’m so glad we found it.

The park itself is located in a quiet little neighborhood and is full of green space.  Which is perfect for soccer practices and letting my little guys burn off copious amounts of energy.

Soccer Westgrove Park

There is also a nice size playground in the middle of the park far away from the roads.  (Something I always look for in parks) There is also a basketball court, something my husband always likes in a park.

Westgrove ParkWestGrove ParkWestGrove Park

If you are looking for a relaxing place for an afternoon picnic, or even a small weekend BBQ this is the park for you.  Plenty of green space for activities and games, a shelter to eat under on hot afternoons, and restrooms.


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  1. These parks look lovely, and your pictures are beautiful. My little boy loves going to parks as well along with our dog. x

  2. Those parks look great and your kids are having so much fun. That’s a great adventure something I might try here in San Antonio tx when the cooler weather arrives!! 🤣❤️🤣

  3. I’m so jealous! Our parks in CA look nothing like this. That barn at Gantz Park is amazing, I would even play there! Such beauty in Ohio!

  4. Wow what awesome parks you have there!

  5. Super cool parks. Love all the special features like the mini library.

  6. mominthegolane says:

    How fun! Inspiring me to start exploring the parks in my area!

  7. What beautiful parks! I can’t wait for it to not be 100 degrees in Texas so I can enjoy ours!

  8. Carrie Beaton says:

    Great parks! Love the pictures!

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