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Preschool Halloween Craft: Room on the Broom

Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and now that I am doing preschool at home with Tucker, I’ve had so much fun finding and creating fun crafts and activities for us to do together.  Halloween crafts are always so much fun.

Last year we did a 5 Little Pumpkins craft to go with the book. Keeping with the theme of using a Halloween book to inspire the craft, this year I chose Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.  I scoured Pinterest for craft ideas and found a cute idea for a shape witch and ran with it.

Room on the broom craft

I love crafts where I already have all the supplies I need on hand.  This craft is just that.  I literally used construction paper and a glue stick.  But feel free to add on to yours if you are feeling creative. I tried to keep all my pieces as close to basic shapes as possible. Mind you cutting has never been my strong suit.

room on the broom shape witch craft

Once I cut out all the pieces I helped Tucker put glue on them and let him stick them on.  He did a really good job.

room on the broom shape witch craft

After he was done with the witch, he glanced at the book and then immediately asked me, “Where’s the cat?” So back to cutting I went to cut the pieces for the cat.  This time I added some googly eyes and drew on the nose, mouth and stripes.

room on the broom cat craft


room on the broom shape craft

Tucker loved putting all the pieces together, especially the belly.  This was also a fun way to get talking about shapes as well as body parts.

room on the broom cat and witch craft

After we finished the cat, Mikey got home from school and wanted to do one too.  So I decided to go ahead and make the frog, bird and dog too.

room on the broom bird and frog craft

My brown marker was a little off from my brown construction paper spots.

room on the broom dog craft

Hope this inspires you to have some fun with your favorite Halloween books.

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