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Strawberry Picking at Hann Farms

 The weather this morning was absolutely gorgeous so I put the boys in the car and we set out to meet our friends and pick some strawberries. 

This was our first time at Hann Farms and we loved every minute of it. They provide bags for picking for just 20 cents and the fields were still full of strawberries. 

Fresh strawberries ūüćď

The boys were great taste testers. Mikey definitely grasped the concept that we were there to take some home not just eat everything in the field more than Tucker.  

Tucker on the other hand didn’t care if the strawberry was green, red or covered in dirt, he was going to eat it anyway. 

After filling up on strawberries, and getting a few to bring home, we headed over to the barn to meet the animals. 

We went to the wrong side at first and the boys got to get up close and personal with this beauty. 

After visiting with the horses and saying a quick hello to their donkey, we found the area with chickens and a pig. 

Of course Tucker insisted on trying to kiss the pig. 
All in all we had a fantastic time and went home with about 2lbs of strawberries for only $5. 

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