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The Orchard & Co.

A few weekends ago I brought the boys to The Orchard & Co. to kick off the Fall season with some fun on the farm.  I originally went with the intention to go apple picking, but due to a recent hail storm, a lot of the apples were damaged.  That didn’t stop us from having a fun-filled Saturday though.  This place was full of fun things to do for all ages!  I bought Mikey and I a Farm Yard Pass which allowed us to participate in almost all the activities on the farm and since Tucker is still two he got his for free.

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We started our day checking out all the pumpkins. The boys really wanted to take one home, but since it’s still so early in the season and unusually hot I decided against it.

Mike & Tuck pumpkin patchTucker picking out pumpkinMikey pumpkin patchTucker pumpkin patch

Next stop was pony ride!  This was a first for Mikey and Tucker, and although it costs extra, ($5 a person) it was totally worth it.  Tucker absolutely loved it, being my little animal lover I wouldn’t expect anything else.  Mikey, on the other hand, lasted only a minute or two before he demanded to get off and watch.

Mike & Tuck checking out pony rides

Tucker and his ponyMikey pony rideTucker pony rideAfter the pony rides, I decided it was a good time to break for lunch. I knew once I let the boys loose on the rest of the farm there would be no turning back.  The boys were excited to get their hands on some chips and hot dogs.  I, on the other hand, opted for this delicious BBQ pork sandwich, and it did not disappoint.  I literally scraped the plate clean it was so good!

Delicious bbq pork sandwhichNext up we went on a hayride, which takes you through the entire orchard.  It was a first for the boys, and despite Tucker’s face in this picture, we all had a great time.  The orchard was a beautiful sight and the boys loved seeing all the cows on the far end.
Mikey and I were ready for Fall in our flannels we just got from ThredUp.  After the hayride, we headed over to the barn to see all the animals.  They had goats, bunnies, baby cows, and chickens.Orchard & Co farm animalsThen the real fun began with the Moo Moo Express.  Tucker rode with me and Mikey got his own barrel to ride in.  They absolutely loved getting pulled around the orchard.First hayrideOrchard & Co barrel rideThen they headed right over to the Tire Climb and Hill Slides.  This was a great way to wear them out, as they couldn’t get enough of it and kept climbing up time and time again.
Orchard & Co barrel slide
Orchard & Co

Mikey insisted on trying the zip line.  I was a little hesitant at first, but he surprised me by holding on the whole time and loving every minute of it.  I love watching grow and try new things, he seems to be getting braver by the day.

After the zip line, we headed over to the Hay Barn where the Corn Pit is.  Being from Florida, corn pits are not something I’m used to, but apparently are a huge hit around here.  Once the boys got in I had a hard time convincing them to get out.  They must have spent at least an hour in there playing with trucks, burying themselves, and making corn angels.

The Orchard & Co Corn Pit  The Orchard & Co Corn Pit         Also in the Hay Barn, is a large jumping pillow surrounded by hay.  The boys had a blast climbing up the barrels of hay and jumping around.

There was so much to do and so much fun to be had we had no problem spending the whole day here.  I would definitely recommend The Orchard and Co to anyone looking for a fun place to spend a fall afternoon.  There were also lots of great places for photo opts, although my boys weren’t the best models this time around.  I take what I can get though, and love watching their faces light up as they play and explore new places.

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  1. Wow! I never know so much fun can be found in a farm. The pictures and videos are fantastic, plus Mikey is really brave. Now i want to experience these with my girls.

    1. I couldn’t believe how much there was to do there. I bet your girls would have a blast!

      1. I’m sure they will. I’ll check if we have anything like that.

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