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Time to Pick the Pumpkins

I’m falling a little behind with updating. Last weekend we went to Pigeon Roost Farms.  Pigeon Roost Farm
I heard they have some awesome pumpkin displays and lots of fun things to do.


Mikey loved having the freedom to run all over!  He wasn’t too sure about the creepy tepee crawl. He peeked in but almost immediately we had to fish him back out.

Of course we had to stop so the boys could shoot some hoops.

And another attempt to get a nice fall picture with both boys. Failed again!

Pumpkin Picking Pigeon Roost Farm  

Yesterday we headed over to Renick’s Farm to pick some pumpkins!

Renick's Pumpkin Farm

Tucker was excited to get out in the cool fall air.  

Mikey was more excited to get his own hot dog!

Time to pick some pumpkins! 🎃

Renick;s Farm Pumpkin picking

The patch was rough terrain for Mikey and the stroller but we survived!


‘Bros before Bows’

One of these days I will get a nice picture of both boys at the same time!

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