Mikey & Tucker

To 3 or not to 3?

Lately, I’ve had crazy amounts of baby fever.

I’m sure it doesn’t help that my IG feed is constantly full of adorable little babies and none of them are crying or pooping or keeping me up at all hours of the night.

I’m sure it also has a lot to do with the fact that Mikey turns 4 this month and Tucker turns 3 the next.

How did that happen? I feel like just yesterday I was walking around as a “Mombie” trying to survive the day with 2 under 2 and the next day I wake up and I basically have two preschoolers.

Why oh why does it have to go by so fast?

So now the question remains, do we stop at two and sit back and kick up our feet as we slide into the so-called “sweet spot” of parenting. When kids no longer need as much help with daily tasks and truly start developing their own personalities and likes/dislikes?

Or do we try for another, (fingers crossed I’ll get my little girl) and start the newborn years all over again?

Considering ever since I was little I’ve wanted lots of kids, four to be exact, I believe that I’m halfway to my little dream family. But we all know reality is far more difficult than what we dream when we’re little and motherhood is no joke.

Kids are expensive, time-consuming and soak every bit of energy out of you. But on the other hand, the love they give back in return and those big eyes looking up to you and telling you they love you in their little voices with their tiny arms wrapped around you in a big hug. Well, that’s enough to melt my heart and make me want 10 more of them.

Just looking back at those adorably chubby little faces, how could I say no to more?

Newborn Mikey
Mikey 8 days old

Newborn Mikey

Baby Tucker
Tucker 6 months old

Anyone else experiencing baby fever lately?  How did you decide you were done having babies or wanted to expand your family more?

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  1. cassiethemom says:

    Baby fever here always!! But daycare is so expensive and we just don’t have the money for anymore, so my husband got a vasectomy. 😭

    1. That’s one of the reasons I never went back to work. Staying at home with my two was cheaper than going back to work and paying daycare expenses.

  2. Your babies are beautiful and yes I have had baby fever lately. Some are surprised because my youngest is still an infant but she is definitely in a different stage where she is a bit more independent than I want her to be. I miss naps every two hours and cuddles that lasted for what seemed a lifetime. I am hoping that we can get started on baby #2 soon!

    1. Thank you. My boys are just 13 months apart and my second was a complete surprise. I found out I was already 5 months pregnant when my first was 8 months old. Good luck with your #2!

  3. I work as a labor and delivery nurse and see babies all day long. Baby fever gets to me every day I work but I keep thinking on how expensive kids are and how i can just enjoy other people babies at work. One day I will cave and have another, especially since my son will be 3 soon, but not right now.

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