To the Lady that Hit Us and Fled

It was a beautiful morning in March. The boys and I were headed to Mikey’s preschool evaluation, something he was super excited about and took me quite some time to schedule.

I was feeling quite proud of myself for getting us all out of the house on time and looking decent. We had just pulled up to a red light, waiting to turn onto the interstate when it happened.

Out of nowhere, you slammed into the back of our car, pushing us into the car in front of me. Before I could even wrap my mind around what had happened, or calm my boys, you were at my window frantically saying something about how your fiancée was going to kill you for taking his car and then you were gone, back to your car.

As I checked on my boys and calmed them down, the lady in front of me stepped out of her car to see exactly what had happened and check on us. The moment I approached her, you were trying to merge back into traffic. We both thought you were just doing the right thing and pulling your vehicle off the side of the road. But the moment someone let you over you slammed on the gas, drove around the vehicles you had just slammed into, and drove like a bat out of hell right onto the on ramp of the interstate. Your front bumper was dragging and your car was smoking but that didn’t stop you from fleeing the scence.

I was both shocked and appalled. You saw I had children in my car, and you still didn’t care enough to take responsibility for what you had done. Not only that but you fled in a vehicle that could very easily of caused another accident on the interstate. How could you of knowingly of crashed into a car with my children in it and just leave us there without a second thought. I am so grateful we were all okay, but for all you knew one of my boys could have been injured.

With so many heartless and self centered people in the world today I am so very grateful for the kindness of the woman you pushed my car into. She helped me calm my boys down and spoke with me while we waited for the police.

I’m grateful for the man who witnessed the accident from his place of business and hopped in his car to try to chase you down.  He didn’t manage to catch you since the interstate spilt into a few different directions, but he did get at least a partial plate number, which he provided to the police with his statement.

I knew the odds of the police catching you were slim, but I wanted you to know that you impacted our lives tremendously. Not only did you cause thousands of dollars in damage to my car, which is a huge burden on our families finances, but you’ve caused an even greater emotional toll on my oldest son.

It’s been months since the accident now and my son still talks about the “mean mean lady that hit Mommy’s car” every time we go anywhere.

Every time we come to that intersection he asks if you are going to come back. And every time he sees a police car he asks if they are going to catch you.

There’s not much I can do to ease his little mind besides tell him he is safe and loved and everything will be okay. But how safe is he really, knowing there are so many inconsiderate, careless people out there in the world like you.

We need to have more compassion for each other. This world needs more love and less hate. I hope to teach my boys to care and respect their fellow man and to have empathy and compassion for others.

The last thing this world needs is more self-centered, careless people.

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  1. Oh my gosh! That’s so horrible 🙁 I can’t believe people do that.. I’m so glad you and your kids were ok, and I’m sorry it’s shaken your son up! I hope y’all never have to experience anything like that again ❤️

    1. Thank you. I hope so too.

  2. So awful. How can people be so selfish? I’m glad everyone is okay.

    1. Thank you. I’m still shocked that she took off despite seeing my visibly shaken children.

  3. Wow! I am so sorry that this happened to you and your sons. I think that it is extremely inconsiderate of that person to have done that. I definitely agree that we need to be more compassionate and caring. I hope that your family is doing better and I pray that you all stay safe. I hope that they catch that person.

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