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5 Books to Get Your Little Ready for Bed

I don’t know about you, but my boy’s bedtime is one of my favorite times of day. It’s all about calming them down (or at least trying to) and getting ready for a good night’s rest. What better way to do that than with some great books?

A love of reading has been instilled in me since I was a child, thanks to my mother, and I hope to do the same for my boys. Every Sunday I’ll be featuring 5 of our favorite bedtime books. Hopefully I can come up with a catchy name for it.

This Weeks Books:


Little Blue Truck has been a favorite in our house since Mikey was little. Now both the boys love to quack and moo along as I read it to them. I really like how it shows how friendliness and teamwork pay off when the animals help the little blue truck at the end.


Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site is another favorite, especially since we have the  sound book version.  Mike and Tuck love taking turns pushing the buttons as I read it. I love how it shows each of the trucks going to bed for the night and my boys start yawning right along with the sound effect.


Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? Okay, so maybe there is a bit of a theme going here. My boys do love trucks, but this book is so adorable it’s one of my favorites too. It shows each little truck going through a part of their bedtime routine that my children relate to. Tucker cracks up at the illustrations and rhyming text.

Sheep Go to Sleep is the sweet story of a puppy that helps put a flock of sheep to sleep. He makes sure to meet each of their bedtime requests, whether it be a cozy blanket or a drink of water, so that they can fall asleep. Mike and Tuck are both animal lovers so this book is always a favorite around here.


Hooray For Hat! This book opens right up to a grumpy elephant that I’m sure most of you moms can relate to. A present arrives and it’s a magnificent hat, but instead of just keeping it for himself he goes on to share with all his best animal friends, ultimately making everyone’s day better. This is Tucker’s favorite book and for awhile I was reading it to him multiple times a day.

Funny little story…the other night my husband and I were getting the boys into their beds and ready to be tucked in. Tucker kept insisting that he wanted to sleep with Mikey in his bed and crawled right on in with his ‘night night’ (blanket) and started asking for me to hand him all of his necessities. It went a little something like this.

Tucker, to me “pillow…water….Bert…Ernie….Elmo….monkey…” and whatever else his eye landed on.

Mikey “No, Tucker sleep in Tucker bed.”

Me, to Mikey “Why don’t you want Tucker to sleep in your bed? He loves you and just wants to sleep near you.”

Mikey “No! Tucker sleep in Tucker bed!”

Tucker ” Mikey GRUMPY!”

Me “What did you say?” (He only just turned 2 so I was not expecting that)

Tucker ” Mikey grumpy.” and he gives me the saddest face ever. 

Needless to say Tucker and his entourage had to be escorted back to his own bed, but my husband and I got a great laugh out of Tuck’s reasoning for Mikey not letting him sleep with him. Guess I can thank Hooray for Hat for that.


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