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5 of Our Favorite Picture Books

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend with your family, friends and loved ones.

This week I’ll be reviewing five of our personal favorite picture books. These books are great for preschool aged children and my toddler boys absolutely adore them.  I’m talking I’ve read these books for multiple nights for weeks now, and lucky for me I’m not tired of any of them yet.


We are brothers we are friends

1. We Are Brothers, We Are Friends by Alexandra Penfold

We Are Brothers, We Are Friends is an adorable book about a little boy showing his new baby brother the ropes. This includes teaching him about trains, planes and even how to be a dinosaur! The illustrations by Eda Kaban are so bright and happy, and my boys can completely relate to the brothers. I love how it shows the love between brothers and how they can go on adventures together, just like my boys love to do.


My Grandma lives in Florida2. My Grandma Lives in Florida by Ed Shankman

This book is a favorite in our home because both the boys were born in Florida, and both of their Grandmas still live there.  The bright illustrations and rhymes get them even more excited for visits with their Grandmas at the beach.  Any child with a Grandma in Florida can relate to this little alligator’s love for his Grandma.


Lion & Tiger & Bear Tag! You're it!

3. Lion & Tiger & Bear Tag! You’re It!  by Ethan Long

This book is a fun read and helps teach children how to play with their friends.  It begins with Lion enjoying some alone time, soon Bear and Tiger let it be known that they want to play. Lion gets upset and does everything he can to finish his painting without being bothered until finally he asks them to just let him finish his painting in peace, and they agree. Afterwards the game of tag quickly ensues again. My boys love how fun this book is to read and they get super excited to yell “TAG! You’re it!” along with Lion, Tiger and Bear.

Duck on a bike

4. Duck on a Bike by David Shannon

This book is actually one of my favorites, as I’ve always been a fan of David Shannon books. The story starts out with Duck trying something new and trying to ride a bike.  He then goes off to show all the other farm animals what he can do. At the end, all the farm animals end up trying out riding bikes and all have a great time together. I love how Duck sticks with his bike riding despite what some of the other farm animals may think, and my boys love to “Moo”, “Baa”. and “N-E-I-G-H” with all the animals in the story.

Mind your Monsters5. Mind Your Monsters by Catherine Bailey

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t so sure of this book for my toddlers just judging by the cover. My 3 year old has been known to get scared easily sometimes. But as soon as I opened this book and started reading it,  I was pleasantly surprised. The monsters in this book really aren’t that scary at all, they just tended to smell bad and make big messes of everything.  The best part about this book though is the fact that you find out that the monsters really just need to be asked nicely. As soon as Wally asked the monster to “Please, stop breaking all of our stuff”, he did. Manners, and learning how to ask nicely for things is something I want to instill in my children at a young age and this book is certainly good at sending that message. We are lucky enough to own an autographed copy of this book and that just makes it even more special to my boys heart.

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  1. Great books! My daughter would love Lion & Tiger & Bear! 🙂

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