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5 reasons to love Graeter’s Ice Cream 🍦 

We officially have a favorite ice cream spot in Columbus. Graeter’s Ice Cream not only offers delicious tasting ice cream, they also have a huge play area for kids. 

We took the boys the other night and Mikey hasn’t stopped talking about it since. I put together a list of the top 5 reasons we love Graeter’s Ice Cream. 🍦

1. The play area is conveniently located adjacent to the ice cream parlor. When we arrived the boys immediately ran for the doors and I left my husband to wait in line and order our dessert. Not only is there ample seating around the play space, but it’s also tiled so you’re able to eat your ice cream while the kids play. 

    2. The slides are pretty awesome. Mikey calls this the “Woooo ice cream place” and can’t get enough of the slides. 

    3. The multiple size basketball hoops allow my boys to play with the big kids. Mikey especially loved having shooting competitions with his daddy. 

    4. They have a banana see-saw! Yes, you read that right. A banana see-saw! I don’t know about you all but I’ve rarely seen see-saws on parks back in Florida, where I’m from. Tucker, being my little dare devil, was brave enough to get on with me. His balance still needs a little work, but he’s not lacking in courage. 


    5. Last but not least, there’s a giant ice cream cone right as you enter the play area. Tucker especially loves it and I have to keep my eye on him or else he’ll try to lick it. I swear this kid will literally put anything in his mouth. 

    This is in no way endorsed by Graeter’s Ice Cream, we just love to eat and play there. 

    If you’d like to eat there too they are located at 2555 Bethel Rd. Columbus, OH or visit their website.

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