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Apple Picking and Corn Mazing

Saturday we drove to Pataskala to check out Lynd Fruit Farms.  The weather is finally cooling down and it was the perfect morning for some apple picking and fall fun!


Mikey was excited to go explore another farm.  Tuck on the other hand wasn’t convinced.

Headed for the corn maze!

We started the maze with Mikey leading the way….

But after a little thought decided it’d be much better if Dad took the lead.

“When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back” – Linda Poindexter

Tucker enjoyed being out of the stroller, taking in the sights and breathing in some fresh cool fall air.

Yes, my 6 month old is half the size of me

We had a few spills due to the uneven terrain but Mikey pulled through as usual.

Just taking a little break

Mikey loved touching all the stalks and running around the corn maze!


We finally found the way out!

Tuck looks thrilled



My valiant attempt at a photo of me and the boys.

Time to pick some apples!

We had to keep a close eye on Mikey. He kept trying to eat the rotten ones off the ground.


Mike loved getting to pick the apples off of the trees.

  Tucker even got in on the action!

He found one just his size

Fun was had by the whole family!


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