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Applefest at Lawrence Orchards

Last weekend we attended Applefest at Lawrence Orchards. The place was filled with the perfect amount of activities for our boys and only cost $5 a person for everything, except for Tucker who got in for free since he’s still 2.  Apple picking is one of my favorite activities on our Fall To Do List this year, although Applefest is only a one-day event the orchard is still open for apple picking.  For more information on Lawrence Orchards, visit their website here.

There were a lot of cute cutouts around the farm for photo opts, although my boys still don’t quite grasp the concept of sticking just their head through a hole and smiling.

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Lawrence Orchard cutoutApplefest at Lawrence OrchardTucker’s favorite area, as usual, was the petting farm area. The had a giant potbellied pig named 🐷 Petunia, and 2 goats named Bert and Ernie who the boys loved meeting. They also had a donkey but I can’t for the life of me remember it’s name. Sorry donkey. Tucker and Petunia the pigMikey meets Ernie the goat

They also had a small barrel train ride for the kids. Since this one went a lot slower than the one at The Orchard & Co I felt comfortable letting Tucker drive his own barrel. Being train obsessed, both boys had a blast on their ride. Just watching their faces light up as they waved as they passed us by made my day.

Barrel train @ Lawrence Orchards

Next up were the pony rides. Tucker’s other favorite activity. He is definitely the animal lover in our family. With his daddy by his side, Mikey stuck around for the whole ride this time. Mikey pony rideTucker pony ride

Dad’s favorite activity and a first for the boys was an awesome apple slingshot.🍎 I don’t think the boys quite got the concept at first, but Mikey sure did get a kick out of it once Kev could get them to both let go at the right time and send those apples flying through the air.

Apple slingshot at Lawrence Orchards
Seriously though, how cute are these overalls from Oshkosh?

Apple slingshot at Lawrence OrchardsApple slingshot at Lawrence Orchards

After the apple slingshot, we headed over to grab some lunch and enjoy some live old-time music.  They had a few different options to choose from.  Kevin got the chicken and noodles, I, of course, opted for the BBQ pork sandwich and the boys had hot dogs and french fries.

After lunch, it was time to pick the apples! Can’t go to Applefest without bringing a few home to enjoy, right?  They had a few different options to choose from and had bushels available for $20 or a peck for $12.

Apple picking Lawrence OrchardsApple picking at Lawrence orchardsTucker picks apples at Lawrence Orchards

After we picked some apples we let the boys loose in the corn pit.  I’ll definitely be adding this to our Fall Fun list for next year because it was a hit for the boys this year.  They loved rolling around in the corn and burying each other in it.  Who would have thought a pit full of corn could be so much fun?  I made sure to save this activity for last because they always come out of it covered in dust with pockets full of corn.

corn pit at Lawrence OrchardsApplefest at Lawrence OrchardsApplefest at Lawrence Orchards

Last, but not least, we discovered the hay field hike on our way out. It was a great way to end our day on the farm. Mikey was so excited to lead the way and Tucker couldn’t stop giggling as Kevin walked close enough to the hay for it to tickle his face on the way through the hike.

Hay hike at Lawrence OrchardsKev and Tuck hay hike

All in all, it was a great day at Lawrence Orchards. There was also horse-drawn wagon rides, but the boys weren’t up for waiting in the long line.  Not including our apples and lunch, I couldn’t have asked for more fun for just $15 for our whole family.  If you live in the Columbus area I recommend you check it out next year.

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