Babies with Attitude Vote Now

Babies with Attitudes: Vote Now!

If you are a parent or know someone who is, I’m sure you’ve come across a baby with attitude or two in your day.  Some babies, like my Mikey, were born with their attitude, the first professional photo he had taken at the hospital he blatantly flipped off the camera.  Other babies don’t develop their attitudes until a little later in life, like my Tucker, who manages to give me the best mean muggin looks like the one shown below.

Babies with Attitude
Mikey’s hospital photo
Babies with attitude
Tucker, the sunshine can’t even make him smile











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Last month I asked you to submit photos of your babies with attitudes and you all did not disappoint.

I was going to do a Top 10 but since I received less than 20 entries I figured why not share them all! Everyone has an equal chance to win.

Voting begins today and ends Sunday, July 9th.

The winner will receive a $25 Starbucks e-gift card!!!  Cause we all know coffee is a mom’s real best friend.


To Vote: Leave a comment on the post below with the number of the baby you think has the most attitude.

Be sure to invite friends and family to vote!

Whoever has the most votes when the polls close at Midnight EST Sunday, July 9 will win the Starbucks e-gift card.

Babies with Attitude

1. “I’ll eat chocolate if I want to”

babies with attitude

2. Troll Hair Don’t Care

Babies with Attitude

3. One Mean Selfie

Babies with attitude

4. The Classic Puppy Dog look

Babies with attitude

5. “When my arms are crossed I mean business!”

6. “What’s that smell?”

7. “What do you mean I don’t get an award for showing up?”

8. “Back off or I’ll shoot!”

9. “Talk to the hand Mama”

10. Laid back with attitude

11.  Resting Bulldog Face (as her mother calls it)

Babies with attitude

12. “Seriously Mom? This is our 4th trip to Target this week”

13. “What do you mean I can’t have every toy on this aisle?”

Babies with attitude

14. “You Talkin to me?!?”

Babies with attitude


Thank you to everyone who participated in the first official contest on my blog!

I appreciate each and every one of you sharing your family with me.

I’m so excited to be building such a wonderful community of mothers and readers.

If you haven’t already check out my Mom Tribe on Facebook.  It’s a place women can share their journey of motherhood including the ups and downs and trial and tribulations.  To join click here.

They’ll be many more contests to come!

I’ll be giving away a $100 E-Gift Card for a Jord watch later this month.


Make sure you are following me on Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss out on any of the future fun and chaos.

Happy Voting!


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  1. 14. They are all super cute, but the look on her face cracks me up! I foresee looks like that as my daughter grows up.

    1. Dang it, I hit the wrong number. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I meant 12!

  2. Oh my gosh i am seriously sitting here cracking up out loud! I love these! I just can’t pick one, though!

  3. #12 for sure – that look is one that my daughters are known to sport as well!

  4. Tina Reynolds says:

    My photo of my daughter wasnt added =(

    1. ChaosinMommyhood says:

      I’m sorry Tina, I must of missed your entry. How did you submit your photo?

      1. Tina Reynolds says:

        On istagram even shows under the photos likes that you liked it.

        1. ChaosinMommyhood says:

          Must have missed it, it’s not coming up in my tagged images. What’s your handle on Instagram?

  5. 12. Absolutely hilarious!

  6. Lori says:

    #12 reminds of my own kids. Luv that face

  7. Rosanna Broschart says:

    #8 Totally adorable

  8. Jen says:


  9. Becca says:

    #7 … say whaaaat?!

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