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Book Review: The Sloppy Okapi

Recently we had the pleasure of reading and reviewing The Sloppy Okapi by Keith Bosco. I’m so glad I did as it quickly became one of my boys’ favorite books. They’ve picked it to read as one of their bedtime stories at least 4 out 7 nights just this last week.

Sloppy Okapi Book Review

The book is about a sloppy okapi who is desperate to be a detective. The only problem is he can’t seem to find his badge….or his hat, or his most prized possession of all, his magnifying glass.

He asks his mother if she’s seen them, and she replies “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times, you need to put your things away.” I think all moms can relate to that. My boys are both exceptionally sloppy, especially when it comes to their bedroom.

Sloppy Okapi

Next, he asks his friend, Derrick the cheetah if he can borrow his. But his friend doesn’t want to loan him his things because he knows Charlie will just misplace it. Besides, what kind of detective are you if you can’t find your own stuff.

Feeling defeated Charlie starts feeling sad and considers giving up on his dream. This is when Toucan swoops in and reveals the true lesson of the story. You can choose to keep being messy, or you can choose to clean up after yourself and become the detective you’ve always wanted to be.

Charlie cheers right up and runs straight home to start making better choices. He spends all night cleaning his room and emerges the next morning with his detective badge, hat, and trusty magnifying glass.

I love that this book teaches such great lessons like taking care of your things and cleaning up after yourself but also teaches children that they can choose to be whoever they want to be, sometimes you just have to work on it.

Sloppy Okapi

Both my boys absolutely adored this book and the illustrations are so beautiful they couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what was next.

Mikey Sloppy Okapi

Tuck Sloppy Okapi

To get your copy of The Sloppy Okapi check out The Sloppy Okapi.

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