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Books to Get Your Child Excited About Potty Training

Potty training is a huge milestone that we have been slowing working on for months in our home. Like all milestones, every child is different and hits it at a different time and pace.

My son, Mikey, just turned 3 and his little brother, Tucker, turned 2 right after so I’m hoping I’ll get lucky and my 3 year old will learn and my 2 year old will automatically follow suit. Mikey has been on board with wanting to learn for months now, but refuses to use the potty unless he is rewarded instantly and on his terms. He’s becoming quite the little negotiator these days, but more on that later.

A great way to introduce potty training to your little one is with books. The bright pictures, and easy to understand explanations on how to use the potty are a great way to open up the conversation about the transition from a diaper to big kid undies.

Below are the books I’ve used to introduce potty training to my boys, as well as some other great books for potty training.

Books to Get Your Child Excited About Potty Training


The Classics:








Once Upon a Potty by Alena Frankel

I know for a fact I had the girl version of this book when little and there’s a reason it’s still around today. Once Upon a Potty was originally published in 1975, and it’s colorful illustrations and simple introduction to the body and potty have been helping potty train children ever since.  This was the first book I used to introduce potty training to my boys. The boy version of the book begins with the introduction of a little boy named Joshua and his mother. Joshua receives a gift from his grandmother, a new potty. I really appreciate how this book shows that accidents will happen, but with time and patience success can be achieved.

Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

Originally published in 1977, this engaging book with child like images teaches children that it is natural to poop and all animals do it.  It’s a fun approach to make potty talk less embarrassing for parents and children, since everyone poops. The illustrations show children all different types of animals and where they poop, it also engages your child by asking them questions about the animals in the story. This book always gets lots of laughs from my boys.


For Superheros:


Potty Superhero by Parragon Books

Potty Superhero is the tale of a little boy and his journey to big boy pants. He makes a few messes along the way but eventually learns to use his “super potty powers” and count to 10 on the potty and succeeds in becoming diaper free!  I love how this book encourages your little one to join in on trying something new and becoming diaper free.

Super Pooper! by Monika Sloan

This adorably illustrated book shows the story of how a little boy named Jarod, became a super pooper. The cute characters and positive spin on potty training makes this book a really fun read.  To no surprise Super Pooper has received excellent reviews on Amazon and I love how it emphasizes how once Jarod becomes a super pooper that he can help teach his little brother to be one two. I’m really hoping this book inspires my oldest to help his younger brother out once we get him fully potty trained.


For the Elmo Lover:

Potty Time with Elmo by Publications International Ltd.

This sound book became an instant favorite for my two year old. He was already a huge Elmo fan but the moment he realized he had a book that made the sound of the toilet flushing there was no turning back. This book is a great way to use a favorite character to help teach your child about growing up and using the potty. My boys love pressing the sound buttons as I read the story to them. Interactive book are always a favorite in our home.


For Princesses:

Princess Ruby goes Poo Poo  by Angela Yip

This book focuses more on going poo on the potty. I know a lot of parents that had no problem getting their child to pee on the potty but couldn’t for the life of them convince the child to poo.  Princess Ruby needs a little more encouraging but eventually learns to poo in the potty. I also like how this book illustrates how it’s not scary at all to poo in the potty.

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  1. We have the book P is for Potty -it’s also an Elmo book! Definitely got my son interested, but not interested though to use the potty, lol! Thanks for some ideas!

  2. […] The book that worked best with Mikey was the same book I remember reading when I was a child, Once Upon a Potty, although I had the girl version.  This book provides a great introduction to potty training and it’s been around since the 1970’s so obviously it’s doing something right.  For a list of other great books about potty training check out my post, Books to Get Your Child Excited About Potty Training […]

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