30 Day Yoga Pose Challenge

Day 29 Yoga Pose Challenge 

Only one day left of my 30 Day Challenge, and let me tell you, yoga with toddlers has not gotten any easier.

Of course I didn’t exactly expect it to either. Mikey seems to enjoy trying some new poses with me, but the moment Tucker sees my mat he starts yelling, “No! No yoga Mommy!” Apparently he’s not a fan.

For Day 29 I decided to try a new pose called Eagle Pose. This pose requires a lot of balance and concentration. So I’m pretty sure I didn’t fully accomplish it. But “A” for effort right?


  • Improves sense of balance and concentration.
  • Stretches your thighs, hips, shoulders and upper back.
  • Strengthens your ankles and calves while stretching them.

To learn more about this pose, including how to do it, I recommend checking out YogaJournal.com.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week. I’m looking forward to finishing this Challenge off strong tomorrow.

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