30 Day Yoga Pose Challenge

Day 6 Yoga Pose Challenge

It’s been an eventful Saturday around here. Filled with errands, a birthday party and a minor meltdown or two (luckily today they weren’t mine).

After everything I’m exhausted but I’m still sticking to my challenge. So let’s get right to it, Day 6!

Pigeon Pose 


  • Stretch deep glutes and groin
  • Stimulate the internal organs
  • Help with urinary disorders
  • Alleviate sciatic pain

How to do it:

  1. Begin in Downward Dog position.
  2. Raise your right leg and slide it forward to the back of your right wrist.
  3. Angle your right shin under your torso and bring your right foot in front of your left knee.
  4. Slide your left leg behind you and straighten it bringing your thigh to the floor. Make sure your leg is lined straight behind you.
  5. Lower your right buttock to the floor and place your right heel in front of your left hip.
  6. Place your hands on either side of your legs and inhale while rising up on your fingertips.
  7. Exhale and lower your torso over your right leg. Hold this pose for 4-5 breaths.
  8. Rise up and bring your back into Downward facing dog and repeat with the left leg.

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