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Exploring Glacier Ridge Metro Park

Last weekend we took the boys to Glacier Ridge Metro Park.  We ventured down the Red Oak Trail since it was one of the park’s shortest trails.


The view from the trail was absolutely gorgeous!  There is no place I’d rather be then surrounded by nature and my little family.

IMG_4078Glacier Ridge Metro Park

Mike and Tuck enjoyed wandering down the trail at their own speed and checking out all the sites.


Mikey loves finding rocks and sticks and Tucker just loves getting his hands dirty, and everybody loves a good sword fight with their daddy.

On our walk back towards the playground we had a stare down with a deer.  Tucker was so excited to see him and Mikey preferred to play it safe by hiding behind me.

After our hike we drove to the other side of the park and scoped out the wetlands from the observation tower.  Mikey couldn’t wait to get “Up! Up! UP!”

All in all it was another fun day in the great outdoors exploring another one of Columbus’ amazing metro parks.  I’m hoping we will have the chance to check out as many as we can while we are here in Columbus.

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