Finding Calm Amidst the Chaos (30 Day Yoga Pose Challenge)

I’ve always been a lover of yoga and the idea of meditation. Although I’m by no means a Yogi or professionally trained in any way,  I do try to find time each day to stretch and breathe and find some sense of calm amidst the chaos.

I started this blog in hopes of finding my mom tribe. I figure if I put all my thoughts, feelings and goals out into the world maybe I’ll find some other like minded women I can relate to.

This month I am going to continue to challenge myself to keep stepping out of my comfort zone and continue to reach for bigger things in life but in order to do that I feel like I first need to work on finding my own center and balance.

The next 30 days I plan on embarking on a journey to find my center through simple beginner yoga stretches and poses.  I want to invite you all to take the journey along with me, as I would love to support and encourage each of you on your own quest to find peace amoungst the chaos, otherwise known as motherhood.

I truly believe you cannot be the best mother to your children until you step back and take care of your vital personal needs first. Your inner happiness and peace with yourself will shine out brightly onto your children and reflect more positively in them.

Each day I’ll be focusing on a different pose and it’s benefits. Again, I’m no expert so if you are and see something wrong with my form please share (in a kind way preferably).

For Day One I’ll be focusing on Cat-Cow pose. Yes, technically this is indeed two different poses but the flow of them put together does some pretty amazing things to stretch the back, torso and neck.

I start and end each day with these poses and have already found significant benefits to my sleep and overall lower back pain. Because being a tiny 5’1 Mommy to two growing boys there is never any lack of lower back pain in my life. 

When you are able to coordinate these poses with your breathing, it relieves stress and helps to calm the mind. It also helps to develop postural awareness and balance throughout the body as well as realigning your spine.

Trust me, I know it’s not always easy finding time for yourself when you are a mom to littles. I struggled in this significantly my first few years being a mom and still struggle to this day. I know doing Yoga with toddlers around isn’t always as relaxing as you’d like but if you manage to fit in 15 minutes a day your body and your mood will benefit greatly.


Day 2 – Cobra
Day 3 – Mountain 
Day 4 – Camel
Day 5 – Downward Dog
Day 6 – Pigeon
Day 7 – Corpse
Day 8 – Warrior II
Day 9 – Dolphin
Day 10 – Seated Forward Bend
Day 11 – Staff Pose
Day 12 – Child’s Pose
Day 13 – Bound Angle
Day 14 – Boat
Day 15 – Bridge
Day 16- Triangle
Day 17- Chair
Day 18- Balancing Table
Day 19- Tree
Day 20 – Half Moon
Day 21 – Warrior III
Day 22 – Supported Headstand
Day 23 – Warrior I Pose
Day 24 – Plow Pose
Day 25 – Bow Pose
Day 26 – Dancer Pose
Day 27 – Easy Pose 
Day 28 – Dolphin Plank
Day 29 – Eagle
Day 30 – Upward Facing Dog 

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