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Goldfish SS Update: Roo is moving on up!

The boys have come a long way since they started at Goldfish Swim School last September. With Tucker’s third birthday right around the corner, he was officially promoted to the Junior Level 1 last week. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited he was to be swimming in the same class as his brother now.  The change came at the perfect time because I think he was getting a little too confident in the water with me by my side and would start trying to take off without me, despite the fact that he still doesn’t quite have the ability to swim by himself yet.

Tucker Goldfish Swim School

Watching the two of them together couldn’t bring me more joy, not to mention I don’t mind not having to get in the pool every week now since Tucker always did a great job of making sure I was soaking wet by the end of class. I do miss having the one on one time with him in the pool but I know he needs to have the confidence to swim on his own without me by his side all the time.

He’s still a pro at his sea otter float and Mikey has mastered the crab walk along the edge of the pool. They still have a long way to go before I would trust them without some kind of floaties in the pool but I love watching how proud they are when they accomplish something new and overcome their fears of putting their faces in the water.

Tucker Sea Otter Float

Mike and Tuck Goldfish SS

And you gotta admit, they both look pretty stinking cute in their goggles.

Mikey GSS

Along with the move to the older class, Tucker also received a birthday card in the mail from Goldfish which was good for $1 at the Snack Shack. He couldn’t wait to spend it and picked out some yummy fruit snacks after class.

Tucker GSS birthday card

Want to get a Jump Start on your kid’s swimming lessons?

It’s not too late to sign up for a Jump Start Clinic at Goldfish Swim School. Get a month’s worth of lessons in one week! Perfect if you have an upcoming vacation you want to get your kids ready for or if you just want a head start on lessons for whenever summer does come around in Ohio.

For more information or to sign up for contact Goldfish Swim School. Spring Jump Start clinics are available at all Goldfish locations including the new Westerville school.

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