Columbus Halloween Holidays

HalloWeek 2015

We had a whole week of Halloween festivities this year!  With so much to do in Columbus it was hard to choose what to do.  Kevin’s Uncle Matt came into town for the evening last week so we took the boys to Creepside and boy was it packed!  I have never seen so many little trick or treaters in one place.  Mikey loved seeing all the different costumes!IMG_8798 IMG_8802 IMG_8808

Later that week we finally got around to carving our pumpkins!  Mikey enjoyed watching Kevin and was so excited to see all the pumpkin guts!

IMG_8851 IMG_8854

Our first pumpkin was pretty creepy this year but Mikey wasn’t phased one bit,

IMG_8860 IMG_8864 IMG_8873 IMG_8875

Sunday we spent the day at Boo at the Zoo!  Mikey was not a fan of his Batman mask but at least I managed to get a few pictures of it somewhat on him.

IMG_8990Superheros need coffee too!

IMG_8977 IMG_8982

Photo bombed by our little Batman

IMG_9001 IMG_9007 IMG_9021

So we may have been some of the only adults in costume

IMG_9031 IMG_9060  IMG_9067

It was a beautiful day at the zoo, and besides a minor meltdown from Tucker we had a great day!

Apparently in Ohio people don’t all Trick or Treat on Halloween.  The area we lived in was scheduled to Trick or Treat from 6-8pm on Thursday, October 29th.  At first I was completely opposed to this and thought it was ridiculous!  But I must say after we went around the neighborhood my feelings changed immediately!  It may have been the fact that this was my first time celebrating Halloween somewhere that actually has season changes but something was defintely in the air that night.  So many of our neighbors were outside handing out candy and the neighborhood was filled of little Trick or Treaters.  The fact that it was only a two hour time slot was pretty nice, no teenagers knocking on your door after 10pm asking for candy like in Florida and we weren’t completely melting in our costumes due to the amazing weather!  Mikey was so good this year running up to each house to get his candy.  He’s still not saying much but he did wave to everyone.

Daddy’s little sidekick

IMG_9131 IMG_9134 IMG_9147

Now we just have to prepare for winter! Tuck’s already got a head start with this awesome hat we picked up at Target the other day.


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