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Labor Day Weekend 2015

We kicked off our Labor Day weekend by heading to downtown Columbus. We heard there was going to be a Family Fun Day at the Columbus Commons and since we haven’t been there before decided it would be the perfect time to check it out. 
After parking in one of the nearby garages and loading the boys into the stroller we were pleasantly surprised to find the park is a HUGE green space in the middle of the city.

There were tons of activities set up for kids but the boys were still too small for most of them. The heat that day was pretty intense, you’d never guess fall was right around the corner.

  To beat the heat we hit up Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.  The root beer ice cream was pretty amazing!

That night we of course enjoyed watching the FSU game.

Monday we explored Battelle Darby Creek for a second time. This time we checked out the prarie section because I thought it would be cool to show the boys bison which the map says they have there.

What a horrible mistake that was. The heat was smothering and we didn’t see a single bison. Probably should of planned that for a cooler day. You live and you learn. At least the boys were troopers.

Mikey is always happiest with food in his hands

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