Last week’s highlights

The first week of July was full of lots of sunshine and fun in the outdoors.

We went hiking in one of our favorite spots, Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, on Monday.  Tucker, of course, insisted I carry him the majority of the time so I got a great workout in.


Wild Magnolia T Those who wander
My shirt: Wild Magnolia

Tuesday, the fourth of July, we continued our family tradition of hiking and explored Three Creeks Metro Park for the first time.  We ventured done the Bluebell trail, which had moderate terrain, but nothing we couldn’t handle.

Three Creeks Metro Park 

Kevin introduced the boys to skipping rocks, which was a huge hit.

Tucker Three Creeks Metro Park Mikey Three Creeks Metro Park

The views of Big Walnut Creek were gorgeous!

Big Walnut Creek Big Walnut Creek Three Creeks Metro Park


The rest of the week seemed to fly by, holidays mid-week always seem to make the days go by faster.  We had some evening walks around the neighboorhood, Mikey practiced riding his bike some more and the boys had their first ice cream truck experience, something that totally should have been on our Summer Bucket List.


neighborhood walks Mikey's first bike ride Minion Ice cream first ice cream truck


On the Blog:

Babies with Attitude contest winner
Babies with Attitude Contest Winner

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Jord Watch perfect gift

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  1. Tara says:

    What a fun weekend! I have always been obsessed with streams for wading!

  2. We’ve been skimming rocks for awhile now. It’s so much fun. Ice cream trucks and summer bucket lists. It all sounds like so much fun.

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