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Persistence, persistence, persistence…and maybe a little bribery

The boys have been enrolled in Goldfish Swim School since last September, and although they absolutely loved it at first, recently they have been giving me grief about going because they claim they don’t like going underwater.

I’m happy to say that I have stuck to the lessons and pushed them to do their best and keep trying and they have been gaining confidence in putting their faces in the water each week.¬† I’m not going to lie, I may have bribed them on occasion with the promise of a trip to Chick-fil-a if they went swimming lessons with no complaints. (My kids respond extremely well to bribery luckily.) A treat from the Goldfish Snack Shack also works great in getting them into the pool and participating.

Mikey Goldfish Swim SchoolMikey swimming underwater GSS

They still fight me from time to time but Tucker is no longer screaming as if his teacher is trying to murder him when it’s his turn and Mikey goes under and consistently comes back up with a big grin on his face every time.

They still aren’t swimming on their own, but watching their confidence grow every week and knowing that they are learning important life-saving skills that could very well come in handy this summer keeps me bringing them back for more lessons each week.

Tucker lost a lot of his confidence when we moved him from the class that I was in the pool with him, to the big boy class with his brother. He is slowly but surely gaining that confidence back and no longer almost choking his teacher when he does his sea otter float, something that he had mastered when he had me by his side.

goldfish swim schoolTucker Goldfish Swim School

If you have reservations about your kids taking swim lessons, or if the first few times were a nightmare with your child not even wanting to get into the pool, I highly recommend Goldfish Swim School. The small class size, and amazing patience and understanding of each and every one of the teachers there have made all the difference of my boys gaining the confidence they need to soon be swimming on their own.

Don’t give up, persistence is key to your child being comfortable in the water and learning the skills they need to be safe this summer and well into the future. And all else fails, don’t be afraid to use a little bribery to get them to conquer their fears and get in that pool, it worked like a charm for my boys.

Earning Ribbons Goldfish Swim School

Ribbons Goldfish Swim School

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