Soccer Practice #2 was a Big Success

Mikey had his second soccer practice the other night and loved every minute of it. He was so excited to go and talked about it all day long. 

We arrived early so the boys could play at the park first. I was hoping it would wear Tuck out enough so I wouldn’t have to chase him the entire practice. 

As soon as he was out of the car Mikey asked, “Where are all the kids at?” But he didn’t hesitate to drop his ball and run to the park the second he realized he could play. 

 Tucker watched Mikey get in some pre-practice practice. 

Finally it was time for practice and Mikey’s little face lit up when he heard he was getting his very own team shirt. 

After a few adjustments with his rather large t-shirt he was officially ready for practice.  First up some warm ups. 

Ready to play! 

Since Mikey did so awesome at practice we decided to treat him to ice cream. 

Nothing better than Cold Stone on a hot day. 

If you haven’t already be sure to watch Mikey’s first soccer practice.

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