To my love, on our 6th anniversary 

Today marks six years of marriage for my husband and I, but our story really began way back in 2002, our sophomore year of high school.

We met on a beach, through mutual friends the day of sophomore orientation. Soon after that we were instant messaging each other on AIM. (Back before texting was a thing.)

Eventually we went on our first official date, it was a double date with who would eventually be the maid of honor and best man at our wedding. (Talk about foreshadowing.) We saw Summer Catch, remember that movie with Freddie Prinze Jr.  and Jessica Biel?

The timing wasn’t right then, but our paths would cross again.  In Tallahassee this time, at yet another mutual friend’s house, our sophomore year of college.

You walked in the door and I was instantly smitten and knew I wanted to be with you. I made it my mission to get you to talk to me again. At the time I lived in Jacksonville, so I found you on MySpace and sent a message. You responded, and I’m pretty sure a day hasn’t gone by that we haven’t talked since.

That was October 2005, and here we are now, over a decade later, still going strong. Only now we have two amazing little boys and a dog to share our adventures with.

Our journey hasn’t always been an easy one but I wouldn’t want to be on this road with anyone else. You’ve always loved me for exactly who I am and through thick and thin, have had my back like no one else.

You’ve gotta admit, we’ve made some pretty amazing memories over years…

From celebrating my 21st birthday with our family at Disney. 

To your 21st birthday in Jamaica. 

My first time seeing snow fall and snowboarding in Lake Tahoe in 2008.

All of our trips to the Keys.

Getting engaged on my graduation day. 

Then married a few years later.

Our trip to Europe.

And finally starting our own little family together.

I truly can’t wait to see where the next decades of our lives takes us, and I feel so incredibly lucky that I get to do life with you.

I love you!

Forever and ever, Babe.

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