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Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself this Holiday Season

The holidays are in full swing and if you are anything like me you are going out of your way to make everything magical for your kids at the expensive of your own sanity. I mean we all know that damn elf isn’t going to move himself.

But this holiday season let’s not forget to treat ourselves, shall we?

Whether it be taking an hour out of the day to yourself to unwind with a glass of wine and a good book or just hiding in the pantry to sneak some cookies you don’t have to share, make sure you are making the time to take care of yourself this holiday season.



Recently I treated myself to the gift of teeth whitening thanks to Smile Brilliant. Not only does there at home kit make whitening your teeth a hell of a lot more convenient, it’s also a lot cheaper than getting it done professionally somewhere.

The kit comes with a mold you make specific to your smile that you send back to them to have custom trays made. This might sound complicated but the whole process was so easy and only took about 15-20 minutes to complete (not including the dry time) then I just put my molds in the pre-labeled envelope included in my kit and dropped it right in the mailbox. About a week later I had trays made specifically for my teeth, which is a huge plus for me because I never had any luck with the whitening strips you buy at the stores staying on my teeth or fitting correctly.


After a couple of applications I already noticed a huge difference in the whiteness of my teeth, and since I basically live of coffee these days that really means they work! Now I can smile big for my Christmas photos without being so self-conscious about my teeth.



I always feel bad about spending money on clothes for myself, especially around the holidays but with ThredUp I’ve eliminated that guilt.

Do yourself a favor and request one of their Clean Out bags online. Rid yourself of all the clothes in your closet you haven’t worn this year and most likely won’t wear next year either and ship them off to ThredUp for free. They will pay you for your clothes and you’ll have guilt-free money to spend on some clothes for yourself.

If you remember my post about the Orchard & Co you may remember the cute flannel shirt I got from ThredUp. They even have kids clothes, because who wants to pay full price for clothes your kids are just going to grow out of in a few months.


I just recently discovered Hello Fresh, thanks to my mother-in-law and as a busy mom to two toddlers I’m so glad I did. If you haven’t heard of Hello Fresh you are missing out. You can choose meals from their weekly menus and they will send everything you need to cook delicious meals at home right to your doorstep.

The easy to follow directions make preparing meals for your family easy for even the most unskilled cook. This may be one of the first meals I’ve ever made that turned out looking like the picture!

Tucker, my mini su chef, loves helping me cook and had so much fun checking off the steps as we cooked.  He kept saying “Let me check the menu” and looking at the easy to follow directions that came with our meal. To try Hello Fresh for your family and recieve $40 off your first order click here.


No matter what way you choose to treat yourself this holiday season, make sure you do.  Because I firmly believe that when Mommy is happy, everyone is happy.  Hope you all find the time to cherish every moment with your families this year.

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  1. Love this! Its so important we take time for ourselves. Im a single mom of 2 so im having a hard time making that happen. Might look into hellp fresh. Thank you

  2. Your Christmas photos are so good! I’d love to try Hello Fresh next year. It’s good to hear you liked it!

    1. Thank you! My sister actually took them for us. You’ll love Hello Fresh! Be sure to use the link for $40 off. It’ll still be good next year. 😀

  3. Now that I’ve had my baby I need to try a teeth whitening product thanks for the recommendation

  4. These are SUCH good ideas. I’m requesting a thred up clean up bag as we speak.

  5. Ugh thank you for this reminder. Excuse me while I schedule a hair cut and a pedicure. Great read!

  6. Ugh thank you for the reminder. Excuse me while I schedule a pedicure and a hair cut…

  7. Love this post ! Awesome pictures .. Holidays are meant to treat ourselves with good food and self-pampering ! Have fun and enjoy !

  8. mominthegolane says:

    Love these ideas! I need to look into thread up! Also a great reminder to treat myself to something good!

  9. Great tips! I love Smile Brilliant! They work great!

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