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Tucker’s 3rd Birthday and Interview

It felt like we spent almost the entire month of March celebrating Tucker’s 3rd birthday and yet here I am, mid-April, finally getting this post done.  I’m still in denial that my baby boy is THREE already.  How did that even happen?  It’s been such an adventure watching him grow into the funny, cuddly, crazy little character that he is today.

Tucker age 3

We celebrated Tucker’s birthday earlier in the month since our cousins in Detroit also have March birthdays. The boys enjoyed a sleepover with their cousins (although little sleep was actually had) and we celebrated with a cake for all the March birthdays.  As you can see by the fork, Tucker couldn’t wait to dig in as Savannah waited patiently to blow out the candles.

Tuck and Savannah March birthdays

Tuck Savannah blow out candles

Tucker and his cousin Gannon had a bit too much fun at the sleepover and both ended up covered in purple marker that apparently wasn’t that washable.

Tuck & Gannon marker faceTucker marker face

The next day we all spent the day at Splash Village, the largest indoor waterpark in Michigan. The kids had a blast! Mikey loved swimming in the lazy river and Tucker could not get enough of the giant tube water slides. We must have taken him down them at least 30 times that day. The boy truly lives for new adventures and thrills.

Mike, Tuck & cousins at Splash VillageMike & Tuck Splash Village

Needless to say, the waterpark was a hit and completely wore both boys out, which provided Kevin and I a nice quiet drive home and plenty of time to catch up on Black Mirror on Netflix. Can I also just say the headphones he’s wearing was one of the best $20 we’ve ever spent.  Long car rides are so much better when each of the boys can listen to their own tablets and Kevin and I don’t have to listen to either of them.

Tucker passed out

Later in the month, on Tucker’s actual birthday, the 28th, Kevin’s sister, and her family came up to visit us for a couple days. It was so nice having family here to celebrate Tucker on his special day.

We spent the day of his birthday at Get Air the trampoline park. The had so fun bouncing around with their cousins. We finished the day with homemade lasagna and another birthday cake of course.

Tucker's 3rd birthday

Now onto the fun part…Tucker’s Birthday Interview.


1 What is your favorite color?  Purple and yellow

2 What is your favorite TV show?  George (Curious George)

3 What sport do you like the best? Basketball

4 What are you really good at?  “Crazying around”

5  What is your favorite book? PJ Masks “because I love Romeo” and Pete the Cat

6 What song do you love? Dance party song (Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop the Feeling”)

7 What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Lucky Charms and waffles

8 What is your favorite treat? M&Ms and Skittles

9 Who is your best friend? Mikey

10 Where do you want to go on vacation?  Disney!!

11 What is your favorite toy? My kitchen

12 What is your favorite food? Cereal and fruit snacks

13 What food do you dislike the most? Broccoli

14 What is your favorite memory? Going to Disney

15 What is your favorite animal? Dinosaurs and Zebras

16 Favorite thing to do with Mom? Go to the zoo

17 Favorite thing to do with Dad? Eat at home with just Daddy

18 Favorite thing to do as a family? Have dance parties!

19 If you had a million dollars what would you buy? A PJ Masks car and a guy too!

20 What do you want to be when you grow up? Hat in the Cat! (aka Cat in the Hat)


Some of Tucker’s answers both surprised me and made me laugh out loud, especially about wanting to grow up to be Cat in the Hat. When I was his age I told my mom I wanted to be Fred Flintstone when I grew up. I love to hear he’s dreaming big like his Mama. 😂



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